City of Legacy is the strategy, design and solutions consultancy for building a new world.

Catalyst    Visionary    Strategist

Contact with the products strategy, design and solutions for companies (corporations, SMEs and startups), governments, organizations, executives and individuals.

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City of Legacy - a legacy that was planned, designed and built. A legacy worthy of being titled legacy.

As a Strategic Consultant with wisdom and creativity, I want to create something new with you -.
"a city of legacies."

To do this, I evaluate, create and analyze in the enterprise. I guide my clients through difficult decisions by providing a holistic view & perception on complex issues. I help with innovation, solutions, processes, ideas, work design, decisions, and more.

Because this is my IKIGAI.

I provide support in the following areas:

  • Vision and strategy consulting
  • Creation and re-creation of ideas and designs
  • Perception of trends and markets
  • Brand development and business opportunities
  • Corporate communications consulting (values, design, etc.)
  • Forecasting future opportunities in different industries and markets
  • Process optimization and restructuring
  • Resource planning and optimization in projects
  • Project management and project leadership
  • Restructuring and business development
  • Optimization of potentials
  • Business partner selection
  • Sparring partner
  • HRDD (Human Resources Due Diligence)
  • Motivation and Sparring
  • Change Management and Change Leadership
  • Organizational design and development
  • Sustainability strategies and corporate social responsibility
  • Talent management and employee development
  • Corporate culture and team dynamics
  • Financial and cost management
  • Success and growth strategies
  • Design consulting
  • Process management and continuous improvement
  • Team and leadership development
  • Motivation and performance optimization and much more

With my gifts, I quickly make informed decisions of the best quality. I offer holistic consulting and accompany you on your way to success.

Let's shape your legacy together and build a new world. Contact us today for an invitation to the "House of Consulting" at United Nations Square.

City of Legacy - The strategy, design and solution consulting for your success.